Please contact Janet Quick regarding adoption of any of the dogs below, or for assistance with Great Danes in need of new living accommodations, regardless of circumstances.

Janet Quick: roch4d@earthlink.net or 816-250-2574 or 816-589-1946 (cell)

The dogs have had a general health check, heart worm test, up-to-date vaccinations, and are spayed or neutered.

Lucy 2 year old MantleLucy 2 year old Mantle side view

Lucy is a 2-year-old mantle looking for a new home.


Sampson 7 month old fawn

Sampson is a 7-month-old fawn looking for a new home.


harl and black
11-year-old Harlequin Great Dane and 9-Year-old black Great Dane.

This family has lost their home due to a fire.
They live just north of St. Joe.
They would bring the Danes to anyone that would take them.
It would be unfair to take them into Rescue and keep them in a kennel situation since the hope of adoption is very slim because of their age.
The Harl is 11 yrs old and her daughter the Black is 9 yrs old.
These Danes have been well taken care of but the family cannot find a temporary home that will take the dogs.
Foster is out of the question since they do not know when they will have a home to return to it may be a year for the insurance and rebuild to take place.
If anyone would take in these two for the remainder of their lives please call me at 816-589-1946.